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The Weekly Gist: The Schumer University Edition

Walmart was rumored to be considering acquiring ChenMed, a value-based care group. Meanwhile, the FDA and CDC gave the greenlight to new COVID vaccines.
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The Weekly Gist: The Don’t Let Him Steer Edition

Medicare announces the first ten drugs to be targeted for long-anticipated price negotiations. Plus, the agency launches a new state global budgeting pilot program aimed at reducing healthcare spending.
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The Weekly Gist: The Bachelorette vs. Commanders Edition

Blue Shield of California announced plans to shake up its PBM relationships. Meanwhile, Oregon became the latest state to embrace mandatory hospital nurse staffing ratios.
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The Weekly Gist: The Hank the Tank Redux Edition

A large clinical trial found that the weight loss drug Wegovy significantly reduces cardiac risk. Meanwhile, Babylon Health’s go-private plans fell through, forcing an exit from its US businesses.
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The Weekly Gist: The Bearing Human Resemblance Edition

Amazon extends its direct-to-consumer telemedicine offering to all 50 states. Meanwhile, the US is experiencing an uptick in COVID hospitalizations, possibly signaling a summer surge.
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