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The Weekly Gist: The Wacky Olympic Stories Edition

As the Delta variant continues to pick up steam, hospitals are urged to mandate COVID vaccinations for their employees. Meanwhile, Medicare shares both good and bad news on future hospital reimbursement.
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The Weekly Gist: The Delta Workout Plan Edition

Senate Democrats announce a $3.5T budget plan that expands Medicare benefits, extends coverage subsidies, and aims to close the Medicaid gap. Meanwhile, Medicare extends telemedicine payments through 2023.
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The Weekly Gist: The Tiddlywink Testing Edition

The Supreme Court allows site-neutral payment policies to proceed, and implementation of the ban on surprise billing begins. Meanwhile, a leading hospital at home innovator is acquired by a major home-care provider.
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The Weekly Gist: The Father’s Day Footie Fiesta Edition

For the third time, the US Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the 2010 Affordable Care Act, this time by an even wider margin. Meanwhile, another health system mega-merger takes shape in Michigan.
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The Weekly Gist: The Tapas Box Blues Edition

The FDA approves a major new Alzheimer's drug, despite concerns over its efficacy and enormous price tag. Meanwhile, a major health insurer delays a controversial new payment policy.
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