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The Weekly Gist: The Crown Jewels of Soccer Edition

Amid growing concerns about Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter, the site announced it would no long police COVID misinformation. Meanwhile, some health systems are now charging patients for messaging their physicians.
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The Weekly Gist: The Great T-Swizzle Meltdown Edition

Amazon takes yet another swing at the virtual care market, this time targeting common medical conditions. Meanwhile, another multistate health system merger is announced.
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The Weekly Gist: The Battle of Betty and Veronica Edition

With healthcare taking a backseat to other issues, the midterm elections resulted in an inconclusive draw. Meanwhile, once high-flying Oscar Health pulls out of the market for Medicare Advantage.
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The Weekly Gist: The Blue Checkmark Edition

Doctors take a big pay cut from Medicare for 2023, ensuring a flurry of year-end lobbying to avert it. Meanwhile, Walgreens is eying another big investment in primary care.
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The Weekly Gist: The Demise of the Porcupine Eater Edition

The US is on the brink of a “tripledemic”, with respiratory viruses rising rapidly. Meanwhile, ACA-era preventative services face another court challenge in Texas.
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