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The Weekly Gist: The Russian Chess Death Robot Edition

A last-minute deal in the Senate looks likely to deliver a long-awaited reform in Medicare drug purchasing. Meanwhile, hospital providers continue to face significant economic headwinds.
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The Weekly Gist: The Dog Days and Popsicles Edition

Amazon makes a big splash by announcing plans to acquire buzzy primary care company One Medical. Meanwhile, Morgan Health places a somewhat smaller bet on a different kind of healthcare disruptor.
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The Weekly Gist: The What Lies Beneath Edition

The Biden Administration says that hospitals must provide emergency abortion services under EMTALA rules. Meanwhile, a nationwide hotline for suicide prevention is launched.
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The Weekly Gist: The GOAT of the District Fair Edition

New transparency rules have gone into effect, requiring insurers to publish their provider rates. Meanwhile, hopes for legislation cutting drug prices have been revived.
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The Weekly Gist: The Hearing Voices from the Past Edition

The Supreme Court overturns Roe vs. Wade, allowing states to drastically limit access to reproductive health services. Meanwhile, Walgreens gets into the clinical trials business.
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