Strategic advice from experts you trust


Our experts provide unbiased, objective advice on your most critical strategic issues, customized to your organization’s context and needs.

Speaking Bring Gist insight and actionable guidance to your organization or event

  • Keynote address: Kick off your conference with a national-level healthcare “state of the union” presentation, delivered by industry-leading experts and featuring analysis of the latest data and trends and future forecasts relevant to your audience. Presentation uses an infographics-driven style that makes complex ideas and information easy to digest and understand. Typically 60 to 90 minutes in length
  • Executive/Leadership team briefing: Elevate your executive team meeting, leadership gathering, or training event with an engaging, interactive presentation on industry trends, future forecasts, and key takeaways customized for your organization. Typically 60-90 minutes, with ample opportunity for dialogue and Q&A
  • Board of Directors briefing: Provide your board with the latest insights needed to inform their decision-making. Presentation and discussion tailored to governance-level issues, with a focus on guidance relevant to your market and organization
  • Facilitated discussion: Enrich your strategic planning process with a structured dialogue tailored to drive to decision on key areas of focus. Carefully planned in advance to bring expert-level insight and guided discussion to your most critical leadership meetings. Ranges from two hours to full day in length, as needed
  • MBA-style case study discussion: Draw lessons from out-of-industry case studies to inform your organization’s strategy. Case studies selected and prepared in collaboration with you, drawing from a range of materials used by top business schools, and tailored to draw out the most relevant teaching for your institution. Typically two hours in length, with participant pre-reading required

Advising Engage Gist experts in your most critical decisions

Draw on our expertise to inform your ongoing areas of strategic focus. Gist Advising is not a traditional consulting engagement, but is intended to provide an objective, unbiased “extra set of eyes” as you make key strategic decisions.

Key features:

  • An objective, expert voice in the room in your most critical meetings
  • Custom guidance, tailored for your organization’s specific context
  • Thoughtful advice and counsel to key strategy, operational, or clinical executives

Representative advising questions:

  • Are we making the right investments in new access points?
  • Should we seek to enter an adjacent market?
  • What innovative relationships should we pursue with local employers?

Typically structured around a pre-determined number of days onsite with our expert

Deep Dive Spend a focused day off-site with Gist experts

Bring your key executives together to spend a day focused on your most important strategic issues. Carefully prepared in advance, the Gist Deep Dive is designed to accelerate your decision-making around areas of strategic importance, informed by our expertise and driven by your agenda.

Key features:

  • On-site or off-site flexibility — hosted in Washington, D.C. or at a location in your market
  • Custom agenda to suit your most pressing needs, including presentations, roundtables, strategic planning, and consultations.

Representative discussion topics:

  • Out-of-market growth strategy
  • System approach to risk-based contracting
  • Reimagining the system for the new consumer

Typically requires two to three months’ advanced planning

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