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We believe in the power of membership.

Gist Healthcare’s members are leading health systems, physician groups and other organizations who are committed to building a new approach to healthcare delivery, based on creating greater value for the communities they serve. As members, leaders work together each year to share learning, build capabilities, and create innovations that make healthcare more accessible, affordable, reliable and personal.

We’ve built our membership model around three critical concepts:

We know healthcare and will push your strategy

Our core strength is providing the “gist”—simplifying complexity

We push our members’ thinking and apply a new lens to strategy

We know your organization

We are long-term, embedded advisors that know your system

We create alignment between system executives and clinical/operational leaders

You can trust us

Membership fees are all-inclusive – no upsells or extra charges

We’re unbiased and independent

Adopting a New Lens on Strategy

Future success requires adopting a “consumer value” lens on key elements of health system strategy. We partner with our members to help them create strategies that will prepare them for success in a consumer-driven healthcare environment.

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How We Serve Our Members


Direction and Alignment

Our point of view:  The direction of change is clear, but the timing and sequencing of transformation will be different within and across health systems and provider organizations.

  • Member Value Diagnostics

    Annual evaluation of market position and system progress toward Member Value delivery.

  • Onsite Stakeholder Sessions

    Working sessions to align key system leadership groups around common understanding, vision, and roadmap.

  • Member Value Roadmap

    Tailored workplan for accelerating the transition beyond "Event Health".  Outlines annual priorities for system/regional investments and capability building.  Refreshed annually during Member Value Diagnostic workshop.

Innovation and acceleration

Our point of view: Healthcare has outgrown “best practices”, which have led to industry groupthink. Leaders must collaborate on new approaches to value creation.

  • Expert Networking Support

    Facilitated introductions and interactions on key topics of interest with our industry-wide network of healthcare leaders and innovators (on-demand)

  • Customized Innovation Roundtables

    Tailored, facilitated convening of industry peers, innovators, policy leaders, and other relevant experts, focused around member’s key strategic priorities (requires advance planning and coordination)

  • Targeted On-Demand Analysis

    Customized research and analysis of specific innovation topics relevant to member’s strategic agenda (as requested)

  • Annual Member Innovation Summit

    Annual industry-wide gathering to share insights, network with peers, and connect with innovators from across healthcare (unlimited member attendance)


Consultation and Expert Support

Our point of view: With every new disruption in healthcare, the confidence in the long-term success of today’s big decisions is waning. Organizations need a trusted, challenging advisor that poses critical questions and provides a new lens to increase the long-term confidence in today’s most critical decisions.

  • Executive Working Sessions

    Day-long facilitated working session for key system executives, bringing Gist expert insight to strategic discussions

  • Strategic Advising Projects

    Targeted expert participation in key system projects, to provide an objective, third-party perspective and analysis.

  • Experts on Call

    On-demand guidance from Gist experts, who can serve as a "second set of eyes" for key strategic decisions.

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