February 23, 2024

Physician burnout persisting above pre-pandemic levels

In this week’s graphic, we highlight new data from the 2024 Medscape Physician Burnout & Depression Reporton the sustained high rates of physician burnout. In 2023, nearly half of physicians reported feeling burned out, and a fifth reported feeling depressed. Although this does represent a drop from 2022’s peak, physicians remain more distressed than they were before the pandemic. These numbers reveal some of the toll that the continued labor shortages, financial challenges, and payment changes of the past few years have taken on providers. In response to feeling burned out, an increased number of physicians say they are planning to cut their hours and over a third say they actually have changed jobs. Many have left the industry all together and the majority now say they are willing to join a union. Health systems have long prioritized addressing provider burnout, but tighter operating margins have heightened both the challenge and the importance of helping to relieve it. Continuing to find solutions to reduce administrative tasks, enhance team-based care models, and empower providers in decision-making processes are as important as ever for provider organizations today. 

Provider Burnout Graphic