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The Weekly Gist: The Frosty Shot in the Arm Edition

Healthcare workers and nursing home residents are among the first in the US to get the new coronavirus vaccine, as a massive immunization campaign begins. Meanwhile, Congress considers a compromise solution to address surprise billing.
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The Weekly Gist: The Queen Takes King Edition

With the pandemic raging and a complex vaccine rollout looming, the incoming administration begins to name its healthcare team. Meanwhile, Medicare releases a flurry of regulatory changes in the waning days of the Trump term.
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The Weekly Gist: The Vaccine, Vaccine Edition

Amid a worsening virus surge, Pfizer seeks approval for emergency use of its promising COVID vaccine, with Moderna's not far behind. Meanwhile, Amazon makes a big move in the pharmacy space.
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The Weekly Gist: The Hitting the Century Mark Edition

Most states are reopening faster than federal guidelines dictate, as the economy worsens and virus casualties continue to mount. Meanwhile, a thriving health insurer promises rebates to its enrollees.
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