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Preparing for generations of Medicare growth

by Gist Healthcare, Sep 24, 2021

The healthcare industry is now at the peak of the long-awaited transition of the Baby Boom generation into Medicare. The “greying” of the Boomers will…

Preparing for generations of Medicare growth

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Bear market for recent digital health IPOs cautions investors

COVID fueled a record year for digital healthcare venture funding in 2021, which included 85 digital health startups achieving “unicorn” status with $1B+ valuations. But 2022 has been marked by cooling expectations amid…

ED patient acuity largely unchanged by COVID (at least so far)

Many health systems are wondering if consumers are now leveraging new access points, including telemedicine, for low-acuity urgent care instead of going to the emergency department (ED), something which many…

Medical care inflation rising as consumer sentiment hits historic low

In June 2022, US inflation reached its highest rate in four decades, with energy and food price increases leading the way. In the graphic below, we use Bureau of Labor Statistics data to examine…

The outmigration of orthopedic surgeries 

One of COVID’s many effects on the health system business model has been the accelerated migration of care to outpatient settings, with orthopedic surgeries, such as knee and hip replacements,…

Developing an Effective Employee Value Proposition

Health systems are facing stiff competition for lower-wage workers, and high attrition among younger RNs. To attract and retain all types of employees, health systems need to design and implement an employee value proposition that responds to pressures in the job market and distinguishes them from their competitors.
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Developing a compelling value proposition for employees

As we’ve been discussing, the COVID pandemic and ensuing economic environment have driven health system job vacancies and attrition rates to all-time highs. Right now, for myriad reasons, many hospital workers are…

More drugmakers limiting 304B contract pharmacy sales

This month, Bausch Health became the 18th pharmaceutical manufacturer to restrict 340B drug discounts to contract pharmacies. This is the latest development in a protracted saga involving health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and…

Current state of President Biden’s healthcare policy agenda

With a closely divided Congress, President Biden has leaned heavily on regulatory actions to advance his healthcare priorities. With the midterm elections fast approaching, the graphic below assesses the impact of…

Setting the post-COVID agenda for health systems

As the economic situation has worsened over the past few months, we’ve been working with several health systems to recalibrate strategy. For many, the anticipated “post-COVID recovery” period has turned…

Younger hospital nurses leaving the profession altogether

The prevailing opinion earlier this year was that the hospital registered nurse (RN) shortage was being driven by older nurses retiring early or leaving hospital employment for less-demanding care settings…