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Preparing for generations of Medicare growth

by Gist Healthcare, Sep 24, 2021

The healthcare industry is now at the peak of the long-awaited transition of the Baby Boom generation into Medicare. The “greying” of the Boomers will…

Preparing for generations of Medicare growth

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The domino effect of missed cancer screenings

From delayed check-ups to postponed elective procedures, missed or deferred care during the pandemic will continue to strain the healthcare delivery system for the foreseeable future. The graphic below shows…

Hospital volume return remains uneven, while virtual care holds

More than two years after the pandemic’s onset, some types of hospital volume still haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels. The graphic below uses recent data from analytics firm Strata Decision Technology to…

Healthcare’s impact on global warming

In honor of Earth Day, our graphic this week breaks down healthcare’s carbon footprint. Each year, the US healthcare sector emits around 540M metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (a…

Investment gains masking health system operating margin difficulties

The combination of the Omicron surge, lackluster volume recovery, and rising expenses have contributed to a poor financial start of the year for most health systems. The graphic below shows…

Rising turnover, agency costs compound hospital labor problems

Even as COVID admissions continue to wane, hospitals report that workforce shortages persist. The impact on hospital finances is stark: as shown in the graphic below, there has been an eight percent increase in…

Payer contracts, physician pay still anchored in fee-for-service

The healthcare industry has made some strides in the “journey to value” across the last decade, but in reality, most health systems and physician groups are still very much entrenched…

Medical supply costs hit new highs amid supply chain disruptions

As if rising labor costs weren’t enough of a concern, disruptions in the medical supply chain are adding to the increasingly unsustainable financial profile for health systems. Tracking international trade…

Rethinking the Post-COVID Supply Chain

Hospital supply chains may not recover from the pandemic's disruptions for years to come. To adapt to these changes, health systems should plan for contingencies, reevaluate contractual partners, and consider operational changes.
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Even the largest health systems dwarfed by industry giants

Insurers, retailers, and other healthcare companies vastly exceed health system scale, dwarfing even the largest hospital systems. The graphic below illustrates how the largest “mega-systems” lag other healthcare industry giants, in…

What is an insurance company in 2022?

The largest health insurers are quickly becoming vertically integrated healthcare organizations that span the care and coverage continuum. While 2021 was a mixed year for these companies as healthcare volumes bounced back,…