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About Gist Healthcare

Gist Healthcare is a membership-based strategy firm that works with healthcare organizations to transform their delivery, governance, and relationship models over time. 

Gist believes in a new vision for healthcare, built around consumer value - care that is accessible, affordable, reliable, and personal for every consumer. We accelerate change and push past conventional thinking by providing our members with strategic advice from experts they trust.

We have a unique perspective on the forces impacting healthcare delivery in the US: Through our different service offerings, we advise health system executives on setting strategy, support health system Boards of
Directors in steering their organizations through the changing healthcare landscape, and distill news and policy updates into a succinct daily podcast and
weekly newsletter.

Gist is headquartered in Washington, DC but operates as a remote organization with team members based throughout the country.

Our Values

Our mission is to enable healthcare delivery organizations to deliver greater value to the “consumers” of healthcare: the patients and communities they serve.


We work with our members to make healthcare better

  • We put members at the center of every decision we make
  • We stay connected to the work our members do
  • We are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking

We trust each other to do the right thing for our members and our firm

  • We create a positive environment—and don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We’re transparent in how decisions are made
  • We give each other autonomy and offer each other feedback

We're committed to doing our best work

  • We recognize and acknowledge great work
  • We think everyone’s opinion matters and the best ideas can come from anyone
  • We bring our best work to the table and expect each other to make it better

We work to make ourselves and each other better

  • We seek criticism and opportunities to improve
  • We’re not afraid to try new things and do things differently
  • We take pride in our successes and accountability for our shortcomings
  • We support each other’s personal and professional needs

Gist Employee Benefits

Ability to positively impact the healthcare experience for millions of patients

Regular discussions on current events in healthcare

Engaging interactions with senior leaders from across the healthcare industry

Generous paid time off

401(k) Matching

Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Competitive salaries including bonuses

Casual dress code

Flexibility and a focus on work-life balance

Join our team

We're a small, dynamic team that's always looking to grow. Even if we don’t have a specific role listed, please feel free to send your resume and cover letter to . We look forward to hearing from you.