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Trevor Goldsmith

Senior Director, Member Insight

Trevor Goldsmith combines his expertise in healthcare strategy with his background as a social scientist to help healthcare organizations transition to a more consumer-centric future. In his role as Senior Director of Member Insight, Trevor develops strategic and operational insights for Gist Healthcare members, as well as other industry and policy stakeholders.

Prior to joining Gist, Trevor was an Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, where he worked with the Veterans Health Administration to develop a new nationwide capital asset strategy. Trevor was also a Senior Consultant at the Advisory Board Company, where he developed expertise in areas including health system strategy, healthcare consumerism, revenue cycle strategy, and Medicare payment. He has also held teaching positions at the University of Virginia and University of California, San Diego.

Trevor earned his Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Chicago and his undergraduate degree in Linguistics from Reed College.