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Our mission is to enable healthcare delivery organizations to deliver greater value to the “consumers” of healthcare: the patients and communities they serve.

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Gist Healthcare Daily is a health policy and business news podcast. Each weekday morning, we will release an episode to help you get caught up on the latest headlines in less than 10 minutes.  We will bring you news, context and commentary from our team and other industry experts.

What We Believe

We believe the health system must evolve to treat every patient and consumer as a Member, and must deliver value to those Members at every level.

Member Health options

Event Health

  • Today’s dominant model, driven by FFS
  • Multiple, disconnected interactions with health system across time, often difficult for patient to navigate
  • Fragmented care, no value from “systemness”

Episode Health

  • Emerging model, driven by new incentives like bundled payments
  • Episode “manager” works to coordinate care related to an event across multiple sites, points in time

Member Health

  • Frontier model, consistent with shift to risk, “owning the life”
  • Member “manager” orchestrates consumer care across life-stages
  • Emphasis on curation of network to deliver high-value services
  • Built around Member engagement and loyalty

We believe health systems should strive to be accessible, affordable, reliable, and personal for every Member they serve.

Our point of view:

  • Value is a bundle of features and benefits at a price the consumer is willing to pay
  • Benefits include more than just “quality”; systems should also focus on convenience, experience, reliability, and relationship
  • Price is determined by the market, not based on the system’s cost to deliver services